ABT Replacement Board

The ABT board connects to the generator shaft encoder and converts its electronic signals to fiber optics. Due to the extensive failures of the main connector on these boards, and its associated single-sided printed circuit board connection pads, a new board was developed by ReNu Controls. This board is pin-for-pin compatible with a more modern interface connector, and several important improvements...LEARN MORE

NOS Board

Located within the variable pitch controller enclosure up-tower, is a Non-volatile Over Speed (NOS) circuit board. This board is designed to feather the turbine during a power outage if the turbine achieves an over-speed condition at the hub. It is also designed to signal the down-tower Winteligence controller that the hub tachometer system used on the NOS board is functioning through a direct hardwire connection to the down-tower Winteligence Relay Input Control Board #2 (ICB 2). A series of problems with these boards has developed over the past 15 years since their manufacturing, including failure of the down-tower signaling transistors, obsolesces of the NOS board processor, and the degradation of the main energy storage capacitor.
Re Nu Controls developed a revised NOS board, designed to tackle all of the problems noted above...LEARN MORE

Variable Pitch Controller and Watch Dog Timer 

Extensive testing, on Z750 turbines located in the midwest, confirmed the source of a “hang-up” problem that plagued the operation of these turbines during periods of lightning activity. That problem resulted in loss of communication between the down-tower controller and the up-tower variable pitch controller. Returning the turbine to proper operation required a visit by a technician to cycle power on the variable pitch controller.
The solution to the hang-up problem is an outboard “Watch Dog Timer” (WDT) module driven by the variable pitch control’s main processor. The WDT board will reset the variable pitch controller’s main processor. This process will then reestablish communication between the variable pitch controller and the down-tower controller and thereby restoring proper turbine operation...LEARN MORE