RN17 Controller

Replacement for V-17 wind turbines

The new replacement controller for the Vestas V15, V17 and V17e performs all of the functions of the former controller including brake control, hydraulic system control, yaw system control, cable twist monitoring and control, generator contactor control, hub over speed monitoring, generator over speed monitoring, high wind speed control and  AC line monitoring (under/over voltage, loss of phase and ground fault protection). In addition the RN17 has multiple features that the older controller does not: 

1) It has a complete safety system -- meets IEC 61400, including an external Emergency Stop Button and two independent over speed detection devices -- missing on the older turbine controller 

2) It has a Power Factor Capacitor Contactor control output not included on the original controller 

3) It has user configurable high wind speed set points of 35, 45 and 55 mph 

4) It has user configurable hub over speed set points of 56, 57 or 58 RPM to help match different turbine configurations include blade size and generator types. 

5) The controller board contains exceptionally high transient over voltage protection on all of the Inputs and Outputs  

6) All manual operator controls and indicators are contained on the single circuit board.  No external HMI, OIT or lap top computer are required for operation.

7) A generator "bump" button is provided with an integrated time out function 

8) A SCADA interface is provided. 

9) Uses the original Vestas Wind speed meter or if desired, can be configured for a digital meter, sold separately.

10) Has outputs for driving conventional Line Hours and Available Hours meters.