OSG Relay for Wind Turbines

The ReNu Control Over Speed Guard or OSG, replaces the Vestas VOG and Zond ZOG relays with a pin-for-pin compatible module. It is designed to work with both V15 and V17 turbines providing a user selectable set point of 56, 57 or 58 RPM operating from the hub mounted 10 pulse-per-revolution hub tachometer plate. Additionally, a 40 RPM set point is provided for test purposes that enables a technician to test the module without putting the turbine into an over speed or on line.

These modules use modern microcontroller technology, improved transient over-voltage protection and improved connecting pins for longer life and higher reliability operations over the original relays. They provide the protection against over speed events needed on these older turbines while operating in the industrial control environment of the wind turbine itself including operation over a wide temperature range (-25 to +65C).